Hard Seltzer Taste Test

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru_oeCJzXSIIt’s a hard seltzer taste test on the latest episode of The Mix!  Hard Seltzers have been taking the country by storm, with large brands like White Claw and Truly hitting liquor store and supermarket shelves around the USA.  Plus, microbreweries like Atlanta’s Scofflaw Brewing Co are getting into the seltzer game.  We’re taste-testing all … Read more

Ready To Drink Cocktails

https://youtu.be/W3r0e7sf5OU It’s our Summer Episode of the Mix and we’re exploring the best canned cocktails on the market. Join mixologist Phil Armijo and lifestyle expert Julie Smith as they step out of the bar and hang by the pool to take a look at the latest in work-free aperitifs. These summer forward drinks are exactly what you’ll … Read more

Blueberry Mint Rye Lemonade

https://youtu.be/SB1SsFxlLmo Just in time for summer, it’s a Blueberry Mint Rye Lemonade recipe made with WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye. Mixologist Phil Armijo and host Julie Smith are downing these perfect for poolside-sipping cocktails in our latest episode. Julie shares some interesting facts about lemonade’s role in medieval history, while Phil gives facts about the history behind … Read more

Spanish Gin & Tonic

https://youtu.be/F8GJvrOzOEA It’s a fresh Fords Gin Spanish Gin and Tonic recipe just in time for summer!  Mixologist Phil Armijo and host Julie Smith are ginning up some interesting facts about the classic spirit made from juniper berries.  Get a wine glass ready and your favorite aromatics to customize the drink yourself – or follow along … Read more

Chili Lime Margarita

https://youtu.be/UQ9Af6Jo4NQ A Chili Lime Margarita recipe just in time for summer!  Get your salt and spices mixed, the rim of your glass ready and the lime squeezed – we’re making margaritas.  Host Julie Smith avoids the spicier stuff, but mixologist Phil Armijo is going to make her a perfectly balanced drink she’ll love.  Make sure … Read more

Ruby Red Paloma

https://youtu.be/R9sOXjLBXS0 It’s a Ruby Red Paloma Recipe with Herradura Silver Tequila for Cinco De Mayo! Host Julie Smith is digging into a flight of Herradura from Mixologist Phil Armijo, and learning the subtle and not so subtle differences between Herradura’s silver, reposado, and Anejo tequilas. Then, they dig into a perfect-for-summer Ruby Red Paloma recipe … Read more

The Woodford Spire

https://youtu.be/RWSqrbhoNGI We’ve got a Woodford Spire recipe for your Kentucky Derby celebrations this year! Made with Woodford Reserve, the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, the spire is that perfect mix of sweet, sour and smoky spice for day drinking. Plus, you can hear about Julie’s experiences at the derby, which the hometown Louisville lady … Read more

The Urban Bourbon Manhattan

https://youtu.be/rFQ71Wdeu3c Bring on the Bourbon! We’re making an Urban Bourbon Manhattan recipe on this episode of the Mix, all while learning about Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail and history. Luckily, we have Louisville native Julie Smith to walk us through a bourbon flight, tell us all about her hometown (including details about a ghost named Willie) and … Read more

Irish Mule Recipe

https://youtu.be/FohyeKjM7NI We have a Whiskey Irish Mule recipe for you this week, and it’s so simple you have no excuse not to make it at home. With a simple mix of Slane Irish Whiskey and Fever-Tree Ginger Beer, this Whiskey Irish Mule is the perfect drink for your upcoming spring and summer get togethers. It’s … Read more

Charred Blood Orange Whiskey Sour Recipe

https://youtu.be/VngjMWkXhFk We’re kicking off the new look “The Mix” with a  Charred Blood Orange Whiskey Sour recipe.  The cocktail is made with mouthwatering Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey from Jack Daniels, which is filtered twice through sugar maple charcoal – once before it goes into the cask and once before it goes into the bottle.  This makes the spirit … Read more