Irish Mule Recipe

We have a Whiskey Irish Mule recipe for you this week, and it’s so simple you have no excuse not to make it at home. With a simple mix of Slane Irish Whiskey and Fever-Tree Ginger Beer, this Whiskey Irish Mule is the perfect drink for your upcoming spring and summer get togethers. It’s best served in a copper mule mug with ice to amplify that incredible effervescence, and garnished with lime and mint. Get to mixing by reading the recipe below!


Step 1: Fill glass with ice

Step 2: Add 2 oz of Slane Irish Whiskey

Step 3: Add 2 oz of Gentleman Jack

Step 4: Squeeze half a lime into drink.

Step 5: Add 4 oz Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Step 6: Stir

Step 7: Garnish with lemon wheel & mint


  • 2 oz Slane Irish Whiskey
  • 1 oz Lime Juice
  • 4 oz Fever-Tree Ginger Beer
  • Ice
  • Mint