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S'mores Old Fashioned

It’s S’mores season and we’ve got the perfect Old Fashioned Cocktail for you made with Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon Whiskey from Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta, GA.  With the changing of seasons from summer to fall comes a rise in bonfires and firepits – and the gooey goodness of a s’more.  Our resident mixologist Phil Armijo has put together a delicious cocktail for host Julie Smith to try, all while learning a little bit about the history of the marshmallow and how to make a roasted marshmallow simple syrup for cocktails, desserts or anything else you want to put the sticky stuff on this time of year.

Get Into The

How does a copper mule mug make your drink taste better?   Why do some whiskeys taste smoother than others?  And how do you strain your cocktail if you don’t have a strainer?   On every episode of The Mix, host Julie Smith and mixologist Phil Armijo dig into mouthwatering drink recipes that you can make at home, all while digging into facts and answering questions about your favorite spirits.   Scroll down for recipes from each episode and share your cocktail photos with us by tagging us @atlantaeatstv and using #themixga. 

Meet Your Hosts

julie smith

Julie Smith is an Emmy award-winning television and radio host, voice actor, and former news reporter.

phil armijo

Phil is an accomplished film, commercial
& TV actor with over 20 years of bartender/mixology experience.


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Large Batch Old Fashioned Recipe for Tailgates’s better than a large batch of old fashioned cocktails for your next tailgate? As we heard towards fall and football season, spending time with friends in a fabric folding chair while sharing cocktails is a time honored tradition – and our host Julie Smith and mixologist Phil Armijo are doing just that, while sharing

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Check out our first season of The Mix with hosts Steve Canal and Meggi Hetzel, where you can find lots of additional, delicious cocktail recipes that you can make at home.  And check this website every other Friday for the latest delicious recipes from The Mix.