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We all could use a little more happy in our Happy Hours these days, and the Mix is here to liven up your day – and your cocktail – with every episode.  With host Meggi Hetzel behind the bar and brand expert Steve Canal tasting her wares, you’ll hear from two Southerners with a taste for delicious cocktails and a good time.  They’re talking about ATL’s best watering holes, distilleries and cocktail bars – along with tips for socially distant dating, their latest fire fits and anything else that’s bubbling up in pop culture.  Join them every episode on YouTube and comment with your take on whatever topic they’re tackling.  It’s the MIX – the best of food, drink and Atlanta…with a twist!  

Episode 4

We’re getting warm and cozy this week, with the perfect Hot Toddy recipe and an apple pie cocktail, both served warm. We’re also learning more about Hillrock Distillery’s incredible story, and SweetWater Brewery’s latest IPA. Plus, Meggi and Steve react to hilarious workout fails and plan the perfect day of takeout for Atlanta’s hungriest citizens.


The Perfect Hot Toddy Recipes

The Perfect Hot Toddy Recipe has that Tennessee Fire! Join Meggi and Steve as they dig in to a delicious Tennessee Fire Toddy and Warm Apple Pie cocktails.

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Workout Fails Reaction

Check out our reaction to workout fails - some of the funniest videos on the internet. Every workout fail has Meggi and Steve cracking up.

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Atlanta Takeout Dining Guide

We're laying out the ultimate Atlanta Takeout Dining Guide on our latest episode. Hear Meggi and Steve's recommendations, if you can, through the snacking noises.

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Hillrock Bourbon & SweetWater's New IPA

The process behind the Hillrock Estate Distillery's Solera Bourbon and the story of the distillery is incredible. Plus, they dig in to SweetWater's latest IPA, the Hazy!

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Episode 3

It’s our year end/holiday special! Meggi and Steve are sharing the best things to drink for the holiday, debating Christmas movies, sharing gift recommendations, dispensing New Years resolutions advice, and more! This episode features incredible wines, beers and champagnes from Stella Artois, La Crema wines, Nicolas Feuillatte champagne, and Iron Horse sparkling wine.


Things to do in Atlanta for the Holidays

What’s the best thing to do in beautiful Atlanta during the holidays? The Mix hosts Meggi Hetzel and Steve Canal have some tips & recommendations.

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The Not So Perfect Holiday Pour

Steve shares with us the perfect way to pour a Stella, while Meggi shows us the right way to pop a bottle (and the wrong way - watch til the end) using Iron Horse’s Sparkling Wine.

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The Perfect Holiday Drinks

Meggi and Steve talk about some of their favorites La Crema’s Pinot Noir, Nicolas Feuillatte champagne, or Stella Artois.

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Christmas Movie Debate

Meggi Hetzel and Steve Canal debate their favorite Christmas Action, Romantic & Comedy flicks!

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New Years Resolutions

Looking for a new way to look at New Years resolutions? Meggi Hetzel and Steve Canal are sharing a couple that might make 2021 a much better year than 2020 has been.

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Holiday Sneaker Picks

Steve has to pick the perfect footwear for some specific celebs - the GOAT Michael Jordan, Kim Kardashian and the most beloved creature on the internet, Baby Yoda

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Episode 2

On the latest episode of The Mix, hosts Steve Canal and Meggi Hetzel are talking about their favorite shows to watch these days – starting with The Bachelorette. Meggi created a one sip, two sip, finish-your-drink game you can play (responsibly-ish) while watching the show. Then, Steve gives his tips for keeping your toes tight in our new Sneaker Sommelier segment. Plus, our hosts dig in to some rum for a blind taste test, make some mules behind the bar, and Meggi shares some big personal news!


The Bachelorette Drinking Game

It’s a one sip, two sip, finish your drink game. Watch to find out how to play the rest of the game!

We're doing a Bacardi Rum Review!

Meggi and Steve are taking a closer look at three rums in the Bacardi family. Steve tests his palate with a blind taste test!

It’s Mule Time!

The Mix hosts Meggi and Steve are digging in to two versions of a mule, and this time they’re not from Moscow, but from the U.S. of A.

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Sneaker Picks

What’s the right sneaker to pick for the occasion? Depends on the occasion, but our Sneaker Sommelier Steve Canal is here to recommend the right kicks for any conundrum.

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Episode 1

Serving up Atlanta & beyond with a twist on episode one of The Mix. Steve & Meggi talk about ATL’s hottest distilleries, tips for socially distant dating & easy delicious drink recipes you can make at home. 


What R U Drinkin'

Steve & Meggi talk a bit about their backgrounds and more importantly what they are drinking!

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Perfect Places to Socially Date-stance

Dating during a pandemic. Outdoor date spots, rapid testing before kissing & zoom dates.

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Hot ATL Distilleries

Keep the booze theme going! ASW Distillery is opening a SECOND distillery in the Battery, the original distillery is in Midtown Atlanta off Armour Drive.

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Drink Recipe of the Month

Meggi shows us how ANYONE can make a delicious Jack Apple Fizz...1 part Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple 2 parts Fever-Tree Club Soda.

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Meggi Hetzel

sports broadcaster

Steve Canal

marketing & brand expert

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